An 8 month birthday and 31 month death-i-versary. F U 31 months.



Ronan.  Thanksgiving is over.  There was no Macegiving this year, as our sweet Macy that saves us on every holiday, could not swing coming in.  She was heartbroken about it, as were we.  We all missed her so very much, but we will be seeing her soon in January which we cannot wait for.  Of course I got all crazy trying to make a plan for Macegiving, without Macy.  After a lot of panicking in my head, crying, and thinking how can I possibly do another holiday without you? I aborted freak out mission in my head.  I made a different plan instead and it was called, “Stop putting so much pressure on yourself because it’s just another day.”  I gathered my thoughts and took some time to think about what this Thanksgiving/Macegiving/Fucksgiving meant to us as a family.  I talked to your daddy about what he wanted to do…

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5,000 Strong Choir Sings Zach’s “Clouds”

Gold Ribbon Craft

Has it been a year already? On December 6th, 2012 Zach released his original song and last message to us all, “Clouds” [with over 9 million views]. On May 3rd, 2013 SoulPancake told his story on his last days [over 11 1/2 million views]. On May 6th they published a crowd of celebrities doing a cover of “Clouds” just for Zach…..and on May 20th osteosarcoma took Zach away………

December 6th, 2013: Five thousand gathered at the Mall of America to remember. This is the best, happiest, thing you will see all day!

Humanity lost so much when childhood cancer took Zach but humanity is doing the best it can to honour him and never forget.

Click here to donate to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund.

“I want everyone to know, you don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.” -Zach Sobiech

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Where we stand on the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act

The Children's Cause Blog

Today the House of Representatives will consider HR 2019, the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act.  This legislation would eliminate taxpayer financing of Presidential elections and conventions and authorize this funding to instead be spend pediatric research at the NIH.  We at Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy have not endorsed this legislation and would like to take this opportunity to explain why.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that one dime will be spent on pediatric cancer research as a result of passage of HR 2019.  In fact, all indications are that this legislation will not be acted upon in the Senate which means no enactment into law.  Furthermore, even if HR 2019 was passed by the Senate and signed into law, it would still be subject to the appropriations process that may never allocate this funding.  Instead, the pediatric disease community will be put in competition with each other for a…

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Story Lines: Music Therapy Brings Hope To Naomi

Play Ground | Primary Children's Hospital Blog

Music Therapy makes a differenceby Elizabeth Hymas, Naomi’s Mother
Chubbuck, Idaho

My ten-year-old daughter was in a tragic accident that left her entire face fractured from the bottom of her eye sockets down to her chin. One minute she was an active basketball-playing, sing/song-strumming, hot dog-eating, regular ol’ happy girl, and the next minute we were using Life Flight and relying on strangers to save her life.

We spent the next month in Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Naomi’s face and eyes were completely swollen. She suffered through multiple surgeries including a full face reconstruction. Her jaws were wired shut, and a tracheostomy was placed as well as a g-tube.

After a couple of emotionally and physically draining days in the Intensive Care Unit, our nurse asked my husband and I if we would like to have Music Therapy visit Naomi. I was very hesitant. In my mind, I pictured a…

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