This outline…. I do not have it done and guess when it is due! TODAY at 2:30PM! I have the most hardest time writing papers. I actually am loving all the research and learning about childhood cancer, but I don’t want to have to do this outline nor write this paper. I am not good at writing papers. I don’t know what information im suppose to have in my paper without getting off topic.. I have so much work to do and now I have to get this outline done and turned in by 2:30. 

I talked to Mr.Smith about my mentor. The papers were suppose to be signed and turned in today but since people don’t like to answer their phones at the hospital he is giving me some extra time. I called a different hospital last night and actually got someone but they told me to call back today and ask for Connie. This is so simple but yet so hard…. I guess im going to call in a few and hopefully with any luck I will get someone and they will agree to be my mentor.