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This project has become so much more than just a project. I want to actually help out children all over the world battling in this  a heart wrenching war. I want to help be their voice because they can’t  fight alone. To be honest I didnt think about this before my project. I was just like everyone else. I have always cared for children and I knew of cancer in children but I honestly as bad as it seems I didnt pay close attention to it. I would go on about my day never thinking about it,…. but now… Its always on my mind. I cant see me not  having something to do with this. I feel like I am suppose to help. I do not have anyone that I know of in my family or close to me that has a child with cancer. Which is very fortunate for my family. I know other families can not say that. Many of my family members do have cancer though. Even though there is not a child close to me that has cancer I still feel the need to help.  I want to help raise awareness and money for funds for research so we can finally find a cure for this disease. Too many families and parents have to say goodbye to their loved ones because cancer has taken their life. Its not just in children but also not just in adults. Can you imagine having to kiss your child Goodbye for the last time… You outliving them. Can you imagine that!? How heartbreaking that must be? Many parents do this everyday. Cancer claims the lives of every one out of five children who have been diagnosed with cancer. I don’t  have a child, nor do I have cancer, and im a child myself, but I want to help the survival rate become 100%. I want to make this more than a senior project.. Go above and make a change! Help me, Help them! Be their Voice! 

“In the last 40 years, the overall survival rate for children’s cancer has increased from 10% to more than 80%, but for many more rare childhood cancers, the survival rate is much less.” http://www.curesearch.org/Childhood-Cancer-Statistics/