Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing: Community Health

CHC Bake Sale 1 trim

The Community Health Committee has kicked off the school year with our first event – a bake sale to raise funds for pediatric cancer.

Through sales from contributions of our members, and generous donations from some customers, $171.15  was raised for our cause!  Thank you to all who donated and purchased.

Three possible charities and non-profit organizations were featured during our sale.  Information was provided about each group and customers voted on the organization they’d like to see proceeds donated to:

Alex’s Lemonade Stand received the most votes and will be receiving the proceeds.  Thanks again to all who participated!

Written by: Laura San Martin

Edited by: Giselle Campos-Dominguez


EDIT: As of October 5th when the Gold Piggy Bank, reserved for all additional pediatric cancer donations, was retrieved…

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