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Child dealing with emotional effects of cancerby Sara Jackson, CSW
Center for Safe & Healthy Families

Nobody wants to be told that their child has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s a time that is terrifying and stressful for both children and their parents. Families may wonder how their child will cope with the diagnosis and other stress related to the illness. Research has shown that most children who have cancer adjust well, and do not end up having serious psychological problems. The National Cancer Institute states that “in general, children treated for cancer have no differences from other children in self-esteem, hopefulness, depression, anxiety or loneliness”.

The first days of diagnosis can be particularly stressful for families. Being in the hospital and undergoing various diagnostic tests is scary and overwhelming. Here are some tips for dealing with this difficult time:

  • Be supportive of your child (Studies show that children with supportive parents are less likely to…

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