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This week is a steroid week in Kyan’s chemo cycle. Every 21 days he has 5 steroid days, usually days 1-5/6 of his cycle, but sometimes it ends up being days 2-7. Day one usually starts with a clinic visit, a dose of methotrexate and a dose of vincristine. 

From there it’s methotrexate (through his port) every monday. He gets oral 6 mecaptapurine (another chemo med) orally at night on days 1-14. Then the steroid, dexamethasone,  every morning and night for the first 5 days.

Now that we’ve made it to maintenance phase the med side effects are much more manageable. Except for the steroids. Wooooaa, baby. They turn our normally sweet and living little guy into an emotional mess. Rage one minute, weeping the next, then perfectly fine 5 minutes later. It’s a rollercoaster of pure, irrational 4 yr old emotions.

You know the “terrible” 2’s (and 3’s)? Well…

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