Soothe Your Soul from Grief - A mother's inspiration after losing her two year old daughter to cancer


During the last few days of her life, we constantly reassured Lily of our love for her, how we knew she loved us, that we were so proud of her and that we would always be together. To keep this promise to her, I decided that I was going to keep myself as calm as I could to help Lily’s transition to spirit and so that when the moment came, I could always feel her near me.
When the moment came and she left her body for the final time, I praised her for how well she had done and that I loved her and as calmly as I could with a trembling body, I waited.
While those around me were rightly filled with inconsolable grief, I felt the room immediately fill with a sense of deep peace. I relaxed into it over the next few minutes and I felt…

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