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Teenager with CancerThe physical challenges caused by cancer and cancer treatments are well documented. Less discussed are the emotional and social tolls of fighting cancer, particularly in teens and young adults. During this stage of budding independence, when socialization skills should be developing, cancer and cancer treatment takes over and completely disrupts lives.

Trying to integrate back into a normal routine after cancer treatment can be difficult. Often, teens feel isolated and may struggle with social interaction. Others may still be dealing with physical side effects that can be socially or emotionally inhibiting. Re-engaging with old friends can be awkward and some teens find that their friends have moved on.

Fortunately, Primary Children’s Hospital has a tremendous peer support group for teens and young adults called CREW, which stands for Courageous Reassuring & Enthusiastic Winners. Formed by teen and young adult cancer patients along with Primary Children’s staff members, CREW is the…

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