Soothe Your Soul from Grief - A mother's inspiration after losing her two year old daughter to cancer


Before Lily died, I was a big fan of going for long walks, doing affirmations and visualising all the wonderful things I wanted life to provide me with. “I have the power to act effectively in all things” was one of my favourite affirmations. After she died, I didn’t feel powerful at all and packed away all my “law of attraction” books, packing away my faith in it as well.
Over the next few years my life consisted of living with a very depressed husband processing his own deep grief, two small children whose needs I had to constantly meet and my own grief to navigate with almost no sleep. I completely isolated myself just to deal with the hand I felt I had been dealt. I completely lost who I was.
Over time my soul began to heal and I decided to get back into those “power” walks that…

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