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child with cancerApproximately one in 300 boys and one in 333 girls in the United States will develop cancer before their 21st birthday. While this rate has continued to increase for the past 50 years, the overall survival rate for children and teens with cancer has increased dramatically.

Primary Children’s Hospital is one of the nation’s top pediatric cancer centers utilizing a multidisciplinary approach that garners impressive results – our survival rate is over 85%, with some types of cancer at 100% – and also adds to our patients’ quality of life.

Inspired by the courage of our patients, Primary Children’s sterling reputation starts with the high-level expertise of our oncologists and the dedication of our researchers, who work tirelessly to develop and provide innovative treatment advances. The collaboration between our oncologists and researchers has allowed Primary Children’s to stay on the cutting edge of childhood cancer research and treatments. With more…

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