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We are on a high from yesterday….lol…just a little….But, I want to talk about something else. John’s not acting quite right. It’s a funny thing, you can never know when a symptom means cancer is growing back or not. But, changes are not good most of the time.

here’s what I see. he has headaches that Tylenol is not relieving (symptom of possible building pressure in the brain), less stamina, lowered appetite, less endurance on his right side, falling more often.

What does this mean? who the heck knows, really. It means you call the oncology triage nurse. she runs through his symptoms and questions you about whether he is sleeping more than usual (yes) coherent (yes) vomiting (no) confused (no)….then she says if he vomits over the weekend please call and alert the er you are bringing him in. (he’s not a puker, so I doubt that would happen…

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