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Is this the last Thanksgiving with my son? How could I not ask myself this question? It is so bittersweet for me this season. I have let go of expectations and chosen the higher road, to live with life as it goes. I ask myself this question every time we have an occasion or holiday. Will it be the last? Will I remember his face? His outfit? His joy? His preferences? His very way of being?

I did not feel very holidayish this year. We went to the diner and ate with John John’s grandfather. It was a nice meal with many protests over the fact that the diner did not serve macaroni and cheese. yes, macaroni and cheese. That’s John John for you.

He’s on the weight down slide again. (lost 10 lbs, gained 4 1/2 lbs, lost 1/2 lb) Not interested in eating much these days. I didn’t…

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