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Music Therapy makes a differenceby Elizabeth Hymas, Naomi’s Mother
Chubbuck, Idaho

My ten-year-old daughter was in a tragic accident that left her entire face fractured from the bottom of her eye sockets down to her chin. One minute she was an active basketball-playing, sing/song-strumming, hot dog-eating, regular ol’ happy girl, and the next minute we were using Life Flight and relying on strangers to save her life.

We spent the next month in Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Naomi’s face and eyes were completely swollen. She suffered through multiple surgeries including a full face reconstruction. Her jaws were wired shut, and a tracheostomy was placed as well as a g-tube.

After a couple of emotionally and physically draining days in the Intensive Care Unit, our nurse asked my husband and I if we would like to have Music Therapy visit Naomi. I was very hesitant. In my mind, I pictured a…

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