About Me :)

My name is Shawana Renee Hackney. I am a Senior at RECHS in Mr.Smith’s English Class. I am doing a Graduation Project on Pediatric Oncology. I am focusing on the best environment for a child and what best eases a child’s pain and discomfort while in the hospital. I have alot of neat ideas for my product such as, organizing a toy drive for Brenner Children’s ¬†Hospital. I also am planning on making cards with facts and a gold ribbon for childhood cancer to pass out to raise awareness. Also I am trying to sell things around school like candy bars and organizing other activities to try and raise money for the hospital. I am also Collecting Pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Winston Salem at my school and within my family.

My goal is to reach out to people who are not aware of Pediatric Cancer and to help others who are seeking to raise awareness. My mission is to bring awareness to my community and help raise money for research to find a cure! Pediatric Cancer does not get noticed enough!



2 thoughts on “About Me :)”

  1. A really great idea! Thank you for making a difference and raising awareness & money for Childhood Cancer!

  2. Shawana

    I see that you have visited my blog and reposted some of my posts. That’s fantastic! As you can see, I’m an advocate for children regarding environmental issues impacting health. .We are on a similar journey. Keep up the good work!.

    When I was a child the #1 cause of death was drowning…today it’s cancer and we seem to be accepting that as the “norm”. We need to fight back! The cancer rate in America is 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females. We’ve got BIG problems! You might find this cancer report conducted by NIH for the President in 2009 helpful http://deainfo.nci.nih.gov/advisory/pcp/annualReports/pcp08-09rpt/PCP_Report_08-09_508.pdf

    If I can be of assistance to you along the way please let me know. I’m encouraged by your mission!


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